Now Availiable

While I am recovering from a root canal and other fun stuff I want to share with you that Mooving the Pencil is now availiable at Star Comics.  Star Comics is located at  2014 34th Street Lubbock Texas 79411 and does online orders too so check them out.  So if you live local and haven’t gotten a copy stop by and come get one now!  It’s been a weird few weeks but hopefully things will start to settle down soon so I can really get back to content posts.  The materials are laid out before me so hopefully I can have something to you sooner than later.  Till then thank you for always being amazing fans!

Wonder Woman Day!  

Today is Wonder Woman Day and as promised I am going to show a little from the two shows I am in and the great people that attended, artists and fans alike.
First up is Barnes and Noble at South Plains Mall.  Those of you that have been following me for years may recall I used to be a featured artist for Starbucks so it is interesting that almost 5 years later I would be showing with one of their partners.

The response is already really great.  So now for the show at Star Books and Comics Downtown!

It was an amazing show.  A good portion of the images were taken by the talented Rony Dixon and the show was created, organized, and run by Raicodoll.  Check them out here Rony and Raicodoll.  You can also check out there amazing coverage of the show and all the artwork from it by visiting the shows album HERE!!!!

Thank you again everyone for being amazing fans and friends.  I will see you on the next page….

Wonder Woman Art

Tomorrow local area friends and fans can see me at Star Comics Downtown for an Art of Wonder Woman exhibition.  Naturally many of you aren’t local so today I am sharing with you my piece for the show.  Saturday I will share images from the show.  So here is the piece and I will see you on the next page…

Lubbock-Con Recap Part 2

Ok so the recap for yesterday and the second half of Saturday is pretty big so feel free to share this with your friends and family whom attended or tag friends when you share it.  I had a blast and thank you again for all the friends and fans that came out.  It was incredible and wouldn’t have been nearly as great without you.  You guys truly warmed my heart so without further postponement, here we go…

Thanks again and just because the events over doesn’t mean the content ends.  Tomorrow I am revealing my wonder woman piece for a couple up coming shows and we can talk art again!  

Lubbock-Con Saturday Recap

Okay so Internet was a bit of an issue yesterday so I am having to do previous day post recaps instead so here is yesterday’s recap of the con. 

The day h a different come to a close but not after a great day full of great cosplay and wonderful fans.  So let’s take a look at some of that amazing cosplay.

This wasn’t even close to covering it and here is still a little of photos of go through that will be combined into the next recap post. So don’t miss and if you are local doors open at 11am so come out see us!  You don’t want to miss it!

Road to the 2nd Lubbock Con

First off i wanted to share how amazing the Pokémon Go Art Drop was.  I got to see so many exvited faces light up and see people of all walks of live coming together for this nerdy passion.  I say that because clearly I was more than a little into it.  So here is a little collage from the day.  Also….

Lubbock Con is this coming Saturday and I am running all cylinders to make this the biggest one yet.  Beyond the four books I will have, with their much anticipated release, I will also have the long requested stickers.  I am extremely looking forward to the event and can’t wait to see all the new and old friends and fans.  The stickers will be of the logo you all love below so make sure you come and see me.  I will start posting daily again for a while so make sure to come back tomorrow.   See you on the next page everyone…

So many things happening!

Alright guys so I know I have been fairly quiet the last couple weeks.  It has been a very busy time with classes I take, classes I teach, books to print and planning for some big events and more.  A lot is going on and you won’t want to miss it so stick with me.  For today I wanted to share that Mooving the Pencil, my perspective comic, is now in hand!  Come back tomorrow to find out how you can get your hands on one.  Till then here is the pics and all that jazz and I will see you on the next page…

I think I am going to need a new shelf for my work soon…

All thesis and no play make me something something.

This thesis project is starting to fry the old brain cells.  I am sure at this point you all are getting bored too and honestly I understand that and sympothize.  I can say that after a few weeks the biggest stresses will be behind me and we can move full steam ahead.  I don’t want to say too much but there may also be a totally unforseen short comic one-shot headed this way as well that virtually no one knows about yet.  We can’t forget that March of the Robots is here again as well so maybe I can juggle it all.  Till then enjoy this pic of my losing my mind working on the paper portion of my thesis and I will see you on the next page.

Perspective Comic Fly-Thru

I ran this as an Instagram video yesterday with great reception so I thought you all would appreciate seeing a quick flip through the inked pages of the perspective comic I am working on.  It is nearly done so onto to digital editing and lettering next.  I am desperately wanting to return to bringing you guys more frequent images but please bare with me as I am getting swamped by my graduate studies.  Good news is I am catching up so I should be able to get to a good spot soon. Thanks for following even through slow times.  So here is the video and I will see you on the next page.

NTX Comic Book Show recap part 2

So sad it’s all over but if you missed it here is a recap of day 2 with shots around the con and more cosplay.  I also got a chance to talk with Carl Potts a while about my thesis and using comics as an educational tool.  He was an awesome guy with a flood of knowledge and resources to give.  It was for sure a highlight for me.  I won’t keep you longer so check out today’s gallery of images and I will see you on the next page!

P.S. Shout out to the cosplayer you saw as Astrid Sunday and Spider Gwen Saturday.  She was super sweet and you can check out her Facebook page by clicking Check Out Astrid/Spider Gwen’s Page She will be super popular before you know it so follow her now! Now to see her at the con as well as all the amazing others check out this gallery of day 2!!!

Across the Globe

While I am busy settling into my teaching gig for this semester at my local Unversity I wanted to express how important I think it is that we take time to get to know our fans and show appreciation.  I have had a follower for over a year that has showed active support across multiple social media and that really impressed me.  What is even more interesting is this fan is a talented artist in their own right that I follow as well.  It is a really neat exchange because they reside in Queensland Australia so I really can’t be much more opposite side of the world.  So I ask you, my fans, to glimpse to the other side and check out artist Sam Mulhern’s work by Searching for MechanicalPen on WordPress and instagram.  To show my appreciation I am sending this care package as a way of thanking a fan for all they do for me and mean to me.  Everyone else you never know if you may be next so keep liking, sharing, and being the awesome fans you are.  I will see you on the next page. 

Dallas Area Fans!

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area then male sure that in 10 days your schedule is clear.  Meteors ‘n Milk will be invading North Texas Comic Con the 28th and 29th!  I will have the last of my stock of the full color 60 page meteors n milk, as well as Suicide Sam, and sketch covers.  Look for D&D studios and I can’t wait to meet my DFW fans!  See you in 10 days on to everyone else I will see you on the next page…