So Many Things

It has been a while since my last post but things gave been busy busy busy!  So as many of you have started to follow and see both Mooving the Pencil and Meteors n Milk are now available to read from their beginnings for free online.  If you have not seen it yet here is some easy links for you: 

Meteors ‘n Milk
Mooving the Pencil
Those of you following MnM will notice that Chapter 3 is steadily rolling out every Saturday and Wednesday! Read at your own leisure and keep up with with the ongoing series.  

So what else is new? Well for starters I am a new Professor for a local college which has taken some getting adjusting too.  While that has been some getting used to it opened up the opportunities of scheduling new comic page updates and more.  I have done some recent events and am soon to announce another convention as well.  I also had a collaboration piece I did published in a text book. A lot is in store for this fall.  Thank you for being loyal followers and know the best is yet to come!  See you on the next page my friends.

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