Now Availiable

While I am recovering from a root canal and other fun stuff I want to share with you that Mooving the Pencil is now availiable at Star Comics.  Star Comics is located at  2014 34th Street Lubbock Texas 79411 and does online orders too so check them out.  So if you live local and haven’t gotten a copy stop by and come get one now!  It’s been a weird few weeks but hopefully things will start to settle down soon so I can really get back to content posts.  The materials are laid out before me so hopefully I can have something to you sooner than later.  Till then thank you for always being amazing fans!

March of the Robots D28

Today’s all seeing bot is more insecurity than it is confident and it shows.  This is the bot that is the sort of pit in your stomach feeling when you are uncertain if anyone really likes you at all.  It knows they liked it at one point but not sure if they do anymore.  Awkward as it is it still goes about its day computing how things could have gone differently.  Cheer up little bot because you never know what is going to be on the next page…

March of the Robots D03

Day 03 of March of the Robots is here and today I wanted to do something sorta fun for the Meteors n Milk fans.  Today’s robot buddy is a concept for a little kid version of a brain cloud bot we see briefly in Meteors n Milk.  This newly nicknamed “Popcorn Head” is often lost contemplating it’s own existence and wondering if it will grow up to be a big and strong tough robot like the others.  Have a great day everyone and I will see you on the next page…

Are you down? 

​Sometimes we have to search within ourselves to find the peace that seems  lacking around us.  It is okay to not be okay all the time.  Meteors ‘n Milk sympathize with all of those that are struggling emotionaly right now no matter your background, race, orientation, gender or facing depression.  We will all get through our struggles one way or another.  Plebian and Ceva have faced a bit and there is a lot more to come for them.  In months to come I can’t wait to start releasing more stories to you and get back into production.  Take care my friends and we will see you on the next page…

How to Art part 3 – behind the scenes of AotA

So first and foremost welcome to a new year and thank you for the amazing year behind us.  I look forward to bringing you even more this year with more tutorials, events, and ways for fans to interact.  Now to bring us back on track we left on this screen here where you hopefully saved…

So either load up your saved image into Pixlr or continue 8f you ate doing this all in one sitting.  The next step you want to do is click on the double circle menu like we discussed in part 1.  Remember this menu?

Okay so now you are going to select the “double exposure” button at the top right.  You should see this pop up.

Tap in the box it asks you to tap on and it will give you your standard selection options for where you would like to pull an image from your phone.  For most android users this will either be gallery or photos.  Once you have selected and approved the image you are importing it will be downsized and dropped on your image like so.

DO NOT CLICK THE CHECK BOX YET!!!! There are two important steps here. First the image is sizable, movable, and able to rotated by your standard pinch, pull, and drag finger gestures.  Once you have it filling the screen the way you like it on to the second thing you need to do before anything (again do not hit the check yet).  See all those options… normal, darken, multiply?  Start scrolling through those.

We are going to more often than not select lighten so we can see our drawing mostly with a little bit of background only.  (Still don’t touch that arrow till I tell you)  Next we are going to select that eraser toll again.

Making the brush small, erase just over the part of the image you do not want the background to bleed through.  The image above you will see that I have done as best as I could but it’s hard to tell where I mave have missed.  So now we want to swith the mode off of lighten.

By selecting color burn you will notice the dark shadows over your drawing.  Those are the spots missed in erasing.  So once again go through and erase out the shadow areas.

It is okay if you go outside your drawing because just like before you can go in a repaint with detail to get right up to the line. Remember: It is easier to paint the background back on than it is to find the edge of your drawing. 

Here you can see areas of the image still burned while other parts are being repainted up to the line.  Don’t get discouraged as this may take a while. 

Double check of an holes or windows your image should have to reveal the background.

Finally zoom out to make sure all looks good. Hit the check box for the erase tool in the upper left. You can one last time pinch, pull or drag the background to see if a different placement will work for you.

Make sure you save again and tomorrow we will bring the branch and cat to life with more depth and color accent. See you on the next page my friends…

How to Art Part 1 – Behind the Scenes of AotA

I have received a lot of questions lately about how I was doing these daily images this month and what I was meaning when I said pencil drawings and digital editing. So, today I thought I would take a minute to explain the process of how this…

Became this….

So to start off with I must say that this process works for me knocking out what feels like a finished piece in a very short period of time but by no means is really finished for print purposes or any firm of publication.  This is a strictly for media based events so the resolution doesn’t need to be grateful to come across well.  Now when it comes to the initial drawing this will just be my bias preferences and by no means should be taken as a do it this way because you should do whatever makes you comfortable.  Those points aside let’s begin…. 

The drawing surfaces I used for every last one of the Advent of the Archetypes series was the Strathmore Series 300 Artist Tiles.  They are bristol with a vellum surface that hold ink and pencil well but can take a beating under erasing.  For the quick sketch I love this because I tend to smudge a lot for quick shading and then can easily erase where it goes over the line.  Next up is the pencil.

For quick sketches I always use the M301 .5mm Zebra.  It’s versitisle cheap and moves easily in the hand for that quick shift of how you hole the pencil.  The next thing I do is two things: I pull up references of what I want to draw (typically historical time line examples of character evolution) usually a simple Google search or pulling a book off my shelf and the second is I grab theses helpers.

These along with some possible action figures help me really capture the more natural poses.  I can point out the images I didn’t use a model with and that is because they tend to feel more stiff and may have errors as well.  This is often how someone ends up with a limb a lot longer than the other.   So once I have the drawing in mind I do a rough outline sketch to get the proportions in place.  So let’s start with the Cheshire Cat here.

Next we do the detail and shading and we get the drawing to this stage… (more or less a relatively finished drawing)

OK it is not perfect and it was only a 5-10 minute quick drawing and honestly that is what I want.  I could spend hours making it just the way I want it but I am not here to make a masterpiece pencil drawing.  So now on to digital.  So begin by cropping.  On Android phones which I use I always crop in Gallery under edit. I always set it to 1:1 because since it will be seen most heavily on Instagram I want it to be in the dimensions it requires so I don’t have to cut into anything I do later. 

Now that it is cropped and saved I close everything and move to Pixlr.  This is my knew favorite app for so many quick filter fixes.  So let’s open the image into Pixlr and you should see it like this. 

Okay now see that double circle second to left on the bottom? That is where all your standard image adjustments are that you expect in photoshop like apps. Under “adjustment” you will find the usual contrast, highlight, saturation, vibrance, saturation, exposure, etc.  So first I turn the shadow dial left into the negative and the highlight to the right to positives.  This widens the shading curve that was most likely minimized by your picture being taken on a phone in less than ideal lighting.  I also play with contrast a little but you have to be careful here because this app likes to blow out detail quickly and you end up with over exposed images.  So when you made all your adjustments hit the check mark on the right to save all  the adjustments you just made. 

Next in Part 2 we will get into bringing color and filters into the mix and dive into the versatility of this app.  

King Arthur ( AotA 18 )

Once the 3 Musketeers apprehended the monster known as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde we were brought forth to the king.  The king wanted to express gratitude for our assistance in tracking down the terror of the streets.  As the light poured down upon the king in his thrown and the adorning tapestry it was then it could be recognized who this king was.  It was the pure and noble King Arthur!  He offered to grant a request for deeds done and in heart the answer was starting to become clear.  The adventure is great but home is seemingly becoming further out of reach. Can he helps find our way home?

King Arthur (Pendragon) is one of the most debated characters in history as it is unclear whether or not he truly existed.  Historians of the subject point to evidence for both arguments although it seems more point to the idea that he existed but lore got seriously out of hand.  If he did exist he notably led the charge against the invading Saxons in late 5th and early 6th century protecting England.  The story was passed through generations and embellishment before starting to appear in recorded form in early 12th century.  It is understandable how a 500 year game of telephone can skew details and embellishments a bit. Regardless he has stood as a model of chivalry and humility for several hundred years.  Truly inspiring but can his character get us home?  We will see where the adventure takes us next as we see you on the next page….

AotA Day 15

Thumbelina explained about the monster she had come into contact with.  We had no idea how  to track down the monster, where it might show up next or much of anything to go off of.  We needed clues….. better yet we needed him… A few hours later he appeared on the streets.  The one and only detective Sherlock Holmes!  He will help us solve the mystery.  

Sherlock Holmes arrived in the world in 1887.  The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story first appeared in A Study in Scarlet but became so popular it expanded to include 4 novels and an astonishing 56 short stories.  So instead of binge watching a show you don’t really care for maybe try binge reading some Sherlock short stories.  Till then my inquisitive friends we will see you on the next page….

Inktober is coming


Inktober is almost upon us so sit bacj and wait for a flood of new images and remember to participate yourself.  Even if you are not an artist or dont have the skills it doesnt matter.  You will be pleased when you accomplished it.

On a minor note the college days work has been running a lot slower than anticipated as I have taken on some other under wraps projects so hang in there more work is for sure on its way. 


R U an Artist?


Are you an artist and love comics? Are you a fan of Meteors ‘n Milk?   Submit your Meteors n Milk themed artwork to and you may be selected to be included in the book!!! Deadline is July 16th so act fast! Open to all from beginners to professionals so don’t hesitate.  This is a way for me to show appreciation to the fans that make it all happen so why not be part of it.  What are you waiting for? Start drawing!

Issue 2 June 17th Update


Only 8 pages left to color for issue 2 before I move to digital edit and lettering.   What you see is a detail of a page I just finished.  I am really excited about this book and I think you will love it even more than the last.  It has more back story development,  solid action, and more expansion of others in the world.  Things are just getting warmed up! Keep posted for more updates and extras!!!

Issue 2 June 10th

Alright Friends and Fans I have a loaded post today so here we go.  First off lets begin with what you are here for which is a progress report of issue 2. I am happy to report that I am hours away from finishing the drawing and subsequent inking of the rest of the issue in its entirety!   Color will begin this weekend and we are seeing the end in site so the wait is almost over!!! So what to expect before then.  Well for starters I will advertise for it more soon but since you are the kind of fan to actually read this I can tell you Meteors n Milk will be at this years Roswells UFO Festival and that is approaching very quickly.  We are also closing in on Hub City Comic Con 2 in Lubbock Texas and I will be there as well.  Hopefully that con will be the release party of issue 2!  I am currently trying to get some more awesome new guest artists and other exciting news ahead.  Till then thank you for being a great fan and here is the in progress full page spread I am working on as a bonus!


Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday and i have just one wish, that wish is to earn new fans and reach as many people as possible with my comic so visit and download the debut issue for free! You simply go to the issue 1 tab and click a button and it is yours mo strings attached.  Tell your friends and share it with others if for no other reason than it is my birthday.  Thanks everyone!


Happy Mother’s Day


Yesterday was a blast and I am sure you still have comics to read but don’t forget to put them down for a while today and show appreciation to all the wonderful sacrificing mother’s we have.  I am lucky to have a great one that also always been encouraging to pursue my dreams so without her Meteors ‘n Milk would still be random sketches.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and then when all is said and done don’t forget that the digital download of my revised issue number 1 is free so just click on the menu button above for issue 1. P.S. if you are on a PC and can read pdfs through your browser you don’t even have to download it you can just read it from your browser and not take up space on your computer.  
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

May the 4th be with you!

I hope you all let it flow through you and let the 4th be with you…… always.  Don’t forget free comic book day this Saturday for the release of the first issue.  Keep following my friends.



Melanoma Monday

” May is designated as National Melanoma Month.   Included in that designation is National Melanoma Monday, which is the first Monday in May.  The American Academy of Dermatology has set aside this day to raise awareness about skin cancer.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer, and it is the deadliest of skin cancers.”

A person loses their fight to melanoma every hour.  Be smart and take it seriously before it is too late.  I fight and will fight my whole life.  I have survived stage 2 melanoma and it so easily could have taken my life if I had blown it off any longer.  Know the risks and know the reality.  Meteors n Milk supports Melanoma Monday and pleads with you to be observant of your body and take care of your skin.