A Web Comic !?!?!?!?!?

Today I am here to tell you the big news all you Meteors ‘n Milk fans have hoping waiting for with a twist.  I am begininnin a new transition for M ‘n M that brings you the comic every week.  To elaborate on my last post here is how it is going to work.  Every Saturday and Wednesday you are getting a new page of Chapter 3.  Pending the success of this I will continue beyond chapter 3 and make this an ongoing series fight at your finger tips and for free!  Those of you whom like the hard print have no fear.  This does not mean I won’t still publish hard copies. They will simply come once a couple chapters stack up to make a nice book for you with extras.  I will also be adding more merchandise soon so keep checking back.  I have posted a new page up on the Web comic explaining the new visual transition and get us started on the post schedule.  So make sure you get setup on Tapas if you are not already and share with your friends do you won’t fall behind.  Chapter 3 page 1 drops this coming Wednesday.   Here is the link to web comic 


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