Happy Father’s Day to all those fortunate enough to be a dad!  Today I wish a frat father’s day to my brother and my dad and here are the images I did for them for this special day.  First up is for my brother…

And next is the cliche gift of a tie for my father….

See you on the next page my friends and have a wonderful day!

Hiatus is Over and Pokémon!

First and foremost I am going to address this hiatus you just experienced.  Between classes, teaching, finals from both sides, con in a week, a partnership I will announce later, having a bed ridden case of Strep, and a poke drop event I have been far from the posts and image creation lately but not anymore.  We are returning to regular posting so count on it.  At this point a number of you local fans are caught up on the… wait…. poké drop? 

Tomorrow brings the event back to lubbock so head over to event post on Facebook!  Here’s the link:

Make sure you follow the rules and be share to share with your friends.  The one rule that I strongly ask above all others that you don’t catch them all.  Remember that little kids are hunting for these so don’t be the selfish one that snags them all preventing others from enjoying the event.  If there is an image you really want from me you can always email me at meteorsnmilk@gmail.com I also have one other request if you find me piece.  Please take a picture that you found it *preferably with you holding it and email me the pic or post it/ send it on facebook.  Other than that happy hunting poké fans!

Happy Easter!

No matter what your beliefs are we can all celebrate the commercialized aspects of this holiday by having fun with family and friends that matter most.  Let us all strive for new beginnings and remember to start each day with a fresh new out look.  The future is what we make of it so let us enjoy this moment with a deep breath of joy and remember all the beauty that still is in this world.  Plus we get to eat weird things we don’t normally have as many excuses to eat.  Chocolate with bold eggs and candy?!?!?!?!  See you on the next page everyone!

AotA Has Arrived!!!

I am excited to say that the first batch of Advent of the Archetypes is here!! Keep posted as I will very soon be talking about digital copies that will be much more accessible than before.  I will have physical copies at Lubbock Con but if you can’t wait don’t hesitate to contact me at meteorsnmilk@gmail.com to purchase a physical copy.  I am also working on bringing you a store front shortly so be on the look out for that.  Have a great start to your weekend everyone and I will see you on the next page… 

Spring Creature 4

Today’s garden variety friend is this cute little lady bug.  He loves his look but is quite shy around strangers.  He loves the new sprouts though as he images the beautiful things they will grow up to be.  Beauty comes in all shapes and forms so whose to say he can’t be proud to be beautiful if he wants to be?  See you on the next page my beautiful friends…

March of the Robots D31

Today we say fairwell to March of the Robots with my final post for March.  This little bot dares to dream the possibilities of the future ahead and so should you.  No matter where you are right now never stop asking “what if?”.  Your future is yet to be written so make it a good one…  sound familiar?  Thank you for following along this month.  Next month has some big things in store  so come see me again on the next page…

March of the Robots D30

I totally forgot to bring my markers with me and my usual drawing tools but luckily I still had a white pen, an pencil, a pen and a couple highlighters.  In the in I did some digital to help finish the piece so while it may not be the same ending product look at the others it was fun to make it work in a different way.  So as this media bot rolls on I will see you one the next page. 

March of the Robots D26

So yesterday I had a run in with a tin can and sliced one of my crucial to drawing fingers.  I expected a delay on today’s however I got up earlier and held my pencil and pen like a child learning how to draw and powered through.  Never let obstacles stand in your way.  I should be good to go in a few days but till then I won’t stop drawing.  I may give dirty looks to the canned food isle though.  So without further babbling here is my tin can bot and I will see you on the next page.

March of the Robots D25

Spring time brings all kinds of bugs and insects.  Some are pleasant and some are… well…. you run like it’s life or death and some how this little thing is instant death if it lands on you.  Today’s bot is somewhere on the latter side of things so watch out so you don’t get stung.  Get some repellent and I will see you on the next page…