Something far from norm…

Not everyday do we eat, breathe, and sleep the same old same. Today instead of sharing the expected Meteors ‘n Milk thing I wanted to share what I did today.  I was asked to assist in doing a workshop of Plein Air painting at Lubbock’s Ranching and Heritage Center.   Tons of local area teachers of all levels from elementary to high-school came together for this wonderful experience to paint outside.  I did little demos and gave technique ideas and engaged in some incredible conversation.  So here is a quick little study I did showing some various methods and techniques.

It was such a blast with such amazing, creative, and inspiring teachers that I met.  It was over way too quickly and I wish I had more time to talk longer and meet more. I was also fortunate enough to have Texas Tech Visual Studies sponsor the distribution of my guide to 1 point perspective to all the participating teachers.  It was met with great thanks and I couldn’t be happier.  

Tomorrow I promise I will reveal my Wonder Woman piece and give more details on that then.   So I will see you on the next page my friends….

Perspective Comic Fly-Thru

I ran this as an Instagram video yesterday with great reception so I thought you all would appreciate seeing a quick flip through the inked pages of the perspective comic I am working on.  It is nearly done so onto to digital editing and lettering next.  I am desperately wanting to return to bringing you guys more frequent images but please bare with me as I am getting swamped by my graduate studies.  Good news is I am catching up so I should be able to get to a good spot soon. Thanks for following even through slow times.  So here is the video and I will see you on the next page.

You don’t have take my word for it…

Last night I was privileged to experience one of the most moving and inspiring lectures I have ever encountered.   LeVar Burton is an inspiration and amazing role model desperately needed in these times.  I, like most of the audience,  shed tears more than once.   His words resonated the importance for us all to tell our stories and how they can change the world.   For us creators this I believe is an obligation even more so than or brothers and sisters as we have an arsenal of visual language that we have no excuse but to be using.   Listen to the world around you and respond with your message,  your story,  and define your legacy.   You are never alone and never forget that.   So ask yourself what if and change the course of history.   I was fortunate to also meet him briefly after the lecture.  I expressed the influence of words like his in the past and now fuel the creation of the graphic tales I create today and how I hope they bring hope and inspiration to children.   He told me it was incredible, to never stop, and may God bless my journey.  I, like many of you,  will do my best to leave this world a better place for my children and my children’s children and not one catering to my selfish greed.  He may say we don’t have to take his word for it but yes we do and we must.  So tell your story and help define a better world and we will see you on the next page. …

I can’t draw a stick figure…

Here is another quick peek at the upcoming perspective drawing comic.  I am really proud of the bottom frame. 

I wanted to share with you my favorite frame so far from the book on teaching perspective.  It really pushed my artistic skills to the limit and I must toot my own horn here and say I think it may just be a masterpiece so without further interruption here is the magnificent master work in all its glory!  

See you on the next page.. Have a great day everyone and I will catch you on the next page…

Working on Perspective

As I stated before I am working on a new project that is teaching young artists perspective through comic methods.  I thought I would share a page I inked to give you a sense of feel for the depth and quality I am trying to bring you on this project.  This page in particular is still going to receive edits before adding text and bubbles and such.  But I figured it has been a while since you have seen the comic work I have been doing lately.  So here it is… I also wanted to share something with you guys that had me super excited and happy yesterday.  After posting my tutorial on using Pixlr for a number of incredible uses I spoke with one of their employees.  Hours later I was pleasantly surprised to see they tweeted my tutorial!  So that bring said if you haven’t looked it over yet you are missing out because even the company itself appreciates it. 🙂 

Thank Pixlr Team! @pixlr #pixlr

Going to School

Today I thought I would share the inked initial sample pages for the Meteors n Milk based teaching aid.  This is what I am working on for my thesis/professional project for my Masters of Art Education.  It will essentially be a foundations level teaching of art fundamentals.  This is is similar to your typical how to draws but with principles of art and will tackle beyond structure with shading, composition, perspective and more.  So her is just a small taste.  Catch you on the next page…


Meteors ‘n Milk Go To College


So here is the next big announcement I have been waiting for.  Meteors ‘n Milk is going to College!  So what does this mean exactly?  Well so lets break this down to reality for a minute. I, the creator, am returning to school to finish my Masters in Art Education.  I will be working on a graphic novel to aid children in art fundamentals.  So what does this have to do with Meteors ‘n Milk?  I am taking them with me.  With each chance I get you will be getting your beloved characters in all sorts ways.  Don’t worry for those following the series because I very much so am still working on the next book and a coloring book as well.  What this means for you, the fans, is you are about to see more Meteors ‘n Milk than ever before.  So stayed glued to the monitor because Meteors ‘n Milk is coming at you.

P.S. Remember to be the kind of inspiration that inspired you!