Meteors ‘n Milk Go To College


So here is the next big announcement I have been waiting for.  Meteors ‘n Milk is going to College!  So what does this mean exactly?  Well so lets break this down to reality for a minute. I, the creator, am returning to school to finish my Masters in Art Education.  I will be working on a graphic novel to aid children in art fundamentals.  So what does this have to do with Meteors ‘n Milk?  I am taking them with me.  With each chance I get you will be getting your beloved characters in all sorts ways.  Don’t worry for those following the series because I very much so am still working on the next book and a coloring book as well.  What this means for you, the fans, is you are about to see more Meteors ‘n Milk than ever before.  So stayed glued to the monitor because Meteors ‘n Milk is coming at you.

P.S. Remember to be the kind of inspiration that inspired you!

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