Something far from norm…

Not everyday do we eat, breathe, and sleep the same old same. Today instead of sharing the expected Meteors ‘n Milk thing I wanted to share what I did today.  I was asked to assist in doing a workshop of Plein Air painting at Lubbock’s Ranching and Heritage Center.   Tons of local area teachers of all levels from elementary to high-school came together for this wonderful experience to paint outside.  I did little demos and gave technique ideas and engaged in some incredible conversation.  So here is a quick little study I did showing some various methods and techniques.

It was such a blast with such amazing, creative, and inspiring teachers that I met.  It was over way too quickly and I wish I had more time to talk longer and meet more. I was also fortunate enough to have Texas Tech Visual Studies sponsor the distribution of my guide to 1 point perspective to all the participating teachers.  It was met with great thanks and I couldn’t be happier.  

Tomorrow I promise I will reveal my Wonder Woman piece and give more details on that then.   So I will see you on the next page my friends….

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