You don’t have take my word for it…

Last night I was privileged to experience one of the most moving and inspiring lectures I have ever encountered.   LeVar Burton is an inspiration and amazing role model desperately needed in these times.  I, like most of the audience,  shed tears more than once.   His words resonated the importance for us all to tell our stories and how they can change the world.   For us creators this I believe is an obligation even more so than or brothers and sisters as we have an arsenal of visual language that we have no excuse but to be using.   Listen to the world around you and respond with your message,  your story,  and define your legacy.   You are never alone and never forget that.   So ask yourself what if and change the course of history.   I was fortunate to also meet him briefly after the lecture.  I expressed the influence of words like his in the past and now fuel the creation of the graphic tales I create today and how I hope they bring hope and inspiration to children.   He told me it was incredible, to never stop, and may God bless my journey.  I, like many of you,  will do my best to leave this world a better place for my children and my children’s children and not one catering to my selfish greed.  He may say we don’t have to take his word for it but yes we do and we must.  So tell your story and help define a better world and we will see you on the next page. …

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