Issue 2 June 10th

Alright Friends and Fans I have a loaded post today so here we go.  First off lets begin with what you are here for which is a progress report of issue 2. I am happy to report that I am hours away from finishing the drawing and subsequent inking of the rest of the issue in its entirety!   Color will begin this weekend and we are seeing the end in site so the wait is almost over!!! So what to expect before then.  Well for starters I will advertise for it more soon but since you are the kind of fan to actually read this I can tell you Meteors n Milk will be at this years Roswells UFO Festival and that is approaching very quickly.  We are also closing in on Hub City Comic Con 2 in Lubbock Texas and I will be there as well.  Hopefully that con will be the release party of issue 2!  I am currently trying to get some more awesome new guest artists and other exciting news ahead.  Till then thank you for being a great fan and here is the in progress full page spread I am working on as a bonus!


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