King Arthur ( AotA 18 )

Once the 3 Musketeers apprehended the monster known as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde we were brought forth to the king.  The king wanted to express gratitude for our assistance in tracking down the terror of the streets.  As the light poured down upon the king in his thrown and the adorning tapestry it was then it could be recognized who this king was.  It was the pure and noble King Arthur!  He offered to grant a request for deeds done and in heart the answer was starting to become clear.  The adventure is great but home is seemingly becoming further out of reach. Can he helps find our way home?

King Arthur (Pendragon) is one of the most debated characters in history as it is unclear whether or not he truly existed.  Historians of the subject point to evidence for both arguments although it seems more point to the idea that he existed but lore got seriously out of hand.  If he did exist he notably led the charge against the invading Saxons in late 5th and early 6th century protecting England.  The story was passed through generations and embellishment before starting to appear in recorded form in early 12th century.  It is understandable how a 500 year game of telephone can skew details and embellishments a bit. Regardless he has stood as a model of chivalry and humility for several hundred years.  Truly inspiring but can his character get us home?  We will see where the adventure takes us next as we see you on the next page….

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