Hitotsume Kozo – Yokai #10 PLUS a super fan tattoo!

This prankster hides in the shadows and jumps out to give you a startling freight.  It is playful but one I would not like at all.  But today I want to share something l do like and like a lot.

I appreciate the fans I have as you all mean a lot to me.  The messages I get and stories I hear always warm my heart and surprise me with such an amazing response.  Once in a while there is a fan that truly blows me away by going above and beyond to show their appreciation.  So check out this super fan here. She not only is a huge fan but went as far as to get a tattoo of Ceva!  Thanks Noel!!!

How awesome is that?  I do this all for the fans and it brings a tear to my eyes knowing that it is reaching people’s hearts.  I hope I can continue to reach your hearts and many more for several years to come.   The pages keep coming and I appreciate you sticking with me so as always U will see you on the next page…

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