Peter Pan (AotA 19)

Kneeling before King Arthur the favor had been requested.  It was time to return home.  Arthur called upon one of the greatest travelers he knew that knows virtually every land there is including the never kind.  With a gleam of light Peter Pan appeared before us. “Time to get you heading on the path home my friend.”

Peter Pan, contrary to popular knowledge, did not first appear in his own book but actually in a different story titled The Little White Bird.  This was an adult novel published in 1902 where only a few chapters contained Peter Pan initially as a baby.  The novel became popular and in 1906 the chapters containing Peter Pan were extracted and republished as a separate story titled Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, which is very different that what we know of the flying boy.  1904 is truly when J.M. Barrie’s character really began to fly though because it was in this year he wrote the play that would become the story we recognize today.  It would be published in novel form in 1911 as Peter and Wendy and became the story we hold dear to our hearts.  One of my favorite series is actually an adaptation of Peter Pan written by Dave Berry titled Peter and the Starcatchers. Well we shall see where Peter Pan takes as we will see you on the next page…

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