Issue 2 starts production.

So as we await issue #1 I have begun work on issue #2 and the image at the end of this post is the in progress title page. Now for those of you new to the site and the world of Meteors n Milk here is a brief description of the debut issue:
An Alien and Cow couple fight to survive a harsh and dangerous world. In this action pact first issue you will get introduced to the characters you will grow to love as you witness one of the many skirmishes they will experience as their story unfolds. A blend of comic book, picture book, and art book takes a different approach of story telling in a push and pull on action shots versus still moments of beauty. Indulge in this truly utterly stellar tale!

Thank you as always for being great fans!!! Don’t forget there is still time left to donate and get a limited print edition of my first issue. Donate $10 or more and get not only a signed copy but a signed sketch drawn just for you as a thank you. To donate visit:

Issue #2 title page in progress (updated ink edition)


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