Cancer is Motivation!


Today I thought I would share a little more about motivations.  It was a little less than a year ago I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Melanoma.  After 3 surgeries and countless tests and scans meds etc I had been given the thumbs up I had beaten.  After that visit there was a pit in my stomach.  The form I had was determined to be one that the doctors said is not a matter of if I will have it come back but more when and what from as the likely hood is quite high I will see more in my life time.  It had me down but was a blessing in disguise.  I wanted to accomplish at least an issue #1 of a world I created.  I used that motivation and here we are with it completed.  Today I went in for more testing to keep the fight strong and it reminded me to not stop.  So I hold in my hand a new pen to try and I begin the quest for issue 2.  Cancer is my motivation.  Don’t forget to donate to get a signed copy of issue 1 plus a sketch personal done for you!!! Thanks again my wonderful friends and fans.  To donate visit

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