Road to the 2nd Lubbock Con

First off i wanted to share how amazing the Pokémon Go Art Drop was.  I got to see so many exvited faces light up and see people of all walks of live coming together for this nerdy passion.  I say that because clearly I was more than a little into it.  So here is a little collage from the day.  Also….

Lubbock Con is this coming Saturday and I am running all cylinders to make this the biggest one yet.  Beyond the four books I will have, with their much anticipated release, I will also have the long requested stickers.  I am extremely looking forward to the event and can’t wait to see all the new and old friends and fans.  The stickers will be of the logo you all love below so make sure you come and see me.  I will start posting daily again for a while so make sure to come back tomorrow.   See you on the next page everyone…

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