Hiatus is Over and Pokémon!

First and foremost I am going to address this hiatus you just experienced.  Between classes, teaching, finals from both sides, con in a week, a partnership I will announce later, having a bed ridden case of Strep, and a poke drop event I have been far from the posts and image creation lately but not anymore.  We are returning to regular posting so count on it.  At this point a number of you local fans are caught up on the… wait…. poké drop? 

Tomorrow brings the event back to lubbock so head over to event post on Facebook!  Here’s the link:

Make sure you follow the rules and be share to share with your friends.  The one rule that I strongly ask above all others that you don’t catch them all.  Remember that little kids are hunting for these so don’t be the selfish one that snags them all preventing others from enjoying the event.  If there is an image you really want from me you can always email me at meteorsnmilk@gmail.com I also have one other request if you find me piece.  Please take a picture that you found it *preferably with you holding it and email me the pic or post it/ send it on facebook.  Other than that happy hunting poké fans!

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