From the Other Side.

After sharing my amazing experience with a fan I wanted to share another one.  So as mentioned before I have this incredibly talented fan that lives in Australia.  Well I received a great package from them today and I wanted to share it with you.  Make sure to check out Sam’s work by looking for @MechanicalPen and check out the work at the end of this post.

Give a follow and tell Sam I sent you.  The world can be an amazing place if we let it be.  Tomorrow I will return to posting artwork again and some shots of sketch covers for those of you wondering where the art went.  I am juggling a lot right now and sometimes the tedious behind the scenes aren’t always the most post worthy content but rest assured good stuff is coming.

Just a friendly reminder I will be at NTX Comic Con (North Texas) in Dallas this weekend so expect my usual coverage of the con and if you are in the area come and see me.  I will have the last of my inventory of the limited blue edition full color run of Meteors ‘n Milk Book 1 (60 pages) plus Suicide Sam and more.  So I will see you on the next page my friends…

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