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​First i have added a contact me page so you can always reach out to me so check it out.

Today I want to share a neat interaction I had yesterday and how inspiring things can be, and then I am off to diving head first into my studio.  So as many of you know Meteors ‘n Milk has always been an advocate for Love is Love is Love and stands to be a beacon for equality.  Yesterday I felt obligated to stand for all women, children, and any that don’t fit the privalaged mold that are facing difficult times.  Regardless of political background the message of peace and love I believe should always come before power and profits.  I stood amongst several different nationalities, races, orientations, classes, generations and political affiliations.  Even when there was hate thrown at the crowds and ugly racist, sexist and bigoted slurs shouted from recklessly driven vehicles passing by the crowds responded with love and peace signs.  What I wanted to share the most was this…

I was approached by a young lady that looked at me and asked if I was the creator of Meteors ‘n Milk.  I kinda had that rush of wow someone picked me out plus instant excitement but what she said yes went right to the heart.  She let me know that she was happy to see that I had chosen to stand by them and it meant alot.  I didn’t know what to say. I uttered something out like a “no problem” but that was so plastic as to how I felt at that moment.  I was in a state of paralysis where my heart had been squeezed by an amazing hug.  In this fans eyes Meteors ‘n Milk is truly standing for beliefs that they could feel comfort in.  I have admired how properties like Steven Universe can achieve this measure and I dreamed of how one day I may be able to do the same.  This fan showed me that I am and I can be for others so I can’t stop now or shy away.  The story of Meteors ‘n Milk will continue to grow and be one that will express more and more the idea of love over all and I guarantee you will see that Ceva will be a roll model for female fans for sure.  I assure chapter 3 will be the game changer you are waiting for.  So thank you to that amazing fan that warmed my heart and to all you out there remember to love one another no matter your background.  Love will prevail and I will see you on the next page…

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