Across the Globe

While I am busy settling into my teaching gig for this semester at my local Unversity I wanted to express how important I think it is that we take time to get to know our fans and show appreciation.  I have had a follower for over a year that has showed active support across multiple social media and that really impressed me.  What is even more interesting is this fan is a talented artist in their own right that I follow as well.  It is a really neat exchange because they reside in Queensland Australia so I really can’t be much more opposite side of the world.  So I ask you, my fans, to glimpse to the other side and check out artist Sam Mulhern’s work by Searching for MechanicalPen on WordPress and instagram.  To show my appreciation I am sending this care package as a way of thanking a fan for all they do for me and mean to me.  Everyone else you never know if you may be next so keep liking, sharing, and being the awesome fans you are.  I will see you on the next page. 

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