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Today’s rant on gaining followers:

While I am working on the next part to the webinar, which should return tomorrow, I thought I would take a second to ask…. are you on instagram?  Let’s face it, most of our social media platforms are getting to the point where most people care more for their own post than clicking an expression of interest especially if it is your personal view or political opinion.  More so with options like ‘friend but not follow’ you can now have hundreds of people that say they are friends that clearly ignore you.  Case in point, when I beat cancer only a tenth of my ‘friends’ responded.  I make this a point because if such a big event where one cares enough about a friend to warrant some kind of response I saw low responses then how can I expect any sort of notable response for my art.  Honestly you can’t unless you are already famous and have a huge following.  With caps on numbers of friends platforms like Facebook are honestly becoming less of an aspiring artist/illustrator/cartoonist realm.  Instagram on the other hand is making strides to make it more and more a place to develop the following you need.  But it takes patience and persistence.  If you are just someone who likes to view but not post you can do that too.  Follow the artists and intellectual  properties that you want to and hearts away.  In just over a year I have earned a more dedicated following than I was ever able to achieve anywhere else.  While it will never be a replacement for a full blog like this let’s be honest that most people won’t read as far as you have.  They click to see the picture, maybe like it with a click or say nothing and move on.  I appreciate those whom do read it all and thank you.  I also realize you may get busy too. So for those have little time or want to follow me in two different ways that often may show different content follow me on Instagram by clicking this text link here…..

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  1. Hey man, I get what you mean about trying to gain actual interested people on different social media site. I think what instagram does right is that it knows what it is; the main focus of each post is an image, so it is very easy to search through large amounts of content and find things that actually interest you. Facebook is a little clunkier with that because there are pages, and people, and news, and videos, and text, etc. and it’s very easy for the things you would be interested in to be drowned out by the rest.

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    1. I feel like Facebook also accents the superficial presentation of things including the very aspect of friendship where instagram does a lot to make it less social and more voyeur which seems to be what people prefer anyway. P.s. I sent you a pm on instagram 🙂 ironic huh


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