AotA Day 13 

Along side Dr. Van Helsing  we hunted the monster and has the hours passed the rains rolled in. It began raining harder and harder as the search was seemingly becoming futile.  The doctor would not give up and suggested this was a blessing in disguise.  He pulled us into an alley and made it clear to be silent. That’s when it could be heard.  There was an almost inaudible off beat thump and splash of something walking closer.  It grew near as heart rates increased. It was almost on top of us when Helsing lunged forward. “I got you now you……Q!?!???! … don’t tell me you are the so called monster?” Stepping forward it could now be seen clearly that the proposed monster was our old friend Quasimodo.  

Splish Splash! Quasimodo was created by Victor Hugo for the 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Recently in 2010 it was discovered that there was actually a hunchbacked stone carver working at the Cathedral and it is quite clear Hugo knew him. It makes you start to question how much of the story is real.  Speaking of which the Disney version is virtually a different story all together so even if it is only an abridge version I highly suggest reading Hugo’s original story as you will not regret it and the entire dynamic will be seen in a while new way.

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