AotA Day 14

Standing before the hunchback we hear a scream of a tiny female voice.  It is clear she is in distress and heading this way!  The rain letting up some we begin to see something scurrying frantically on the cobblestones beneath our feet some twenty feet away.  The rodent runs straight from us and the screaming seems to be coming from it…. no…. wait…not from it… rather on it!! It is clear it is the adventurous Thumbelina! 

Thumbelina was first published on December 16 in 1835 written by the now infamous Hans Christian Andersen.  This original story is actually rather bizarre as while it is intended for children Thumbelina spends the majority of the time having all sorts of creatures throwing themselves at her to convince e her to marry them but in the end she denies them all and quickly falls in love with the fairy prince whom looks like a man and is her size.  I am sure there is some positive spin to a moral somewhere in it but in this day in age of multinational multicultural mixing pot and marriage for love instead of status it is no wonder that the story has changed so dramatically to take from other stories like Ariety to make there be more credibility and depth to the tale.  So what was she screaming about anyway? See you on the next page to find out!

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