AotA Day 9

The Tin Woodsman let us know about the citadel where we can meet all kinds of people and see many wonderous sites.  He arranged for us to to have guides get us there.  The first will drive us the roads end and I can hear the car now.  It is the infamously crazy driving Mr. Toad!!!!

Mr. Toad wrecked his stolen car for this first time in the 1908 classic Wind in the Willows.  This spurred the 1929 London play Toad of Toad Hall.  Disney would also embrace the beloved tale with the notable Mr Toad’s Wild Ride attraction and animated movie as well in 1949.  The anthropomorphic cast has inspired many characters and ideas and has spurred numerous references and cameos.  Most notably the Batman and Robin villian “Toad” makes overt referencial ties to being an alternate reality of the very same character.  That’s a 100 years of getting into trouble!  Well stay out of it yourselves and see you on the next page.

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