AotA Day 10

Mr. Toad has taken us to the end of the road but the hills and valley before the citadel must be walked on by foot.  A love lady will show us the way.  With sheep all about it is the sweet hearted Bo Peep to be our guide. 

Little Bo Peep first came to recorded life as a nursery rhyme first published in 1805.  However, this is not her origins.  It is actually as mystery as references to a game called Bo Peep are cited as early as the 1300s but no record of the rhyme appears till the 1805 recording.  There are many references that point in all sorts of dire turn but nothing points to a true origin.  Who exactly is this mystery woman?  How can she appear and disappear for hundreds of years without any history, backgorund or origin before suddenly becoming a recognizable figure?  Did 500 years developed the character, or is just assigned randomly, or is there something more to it we have lost in time? Sounds curious enough one might suspect the white rabbit has something to do with it.  While we contemplate this time hopping maiden we shall continue our journey and see you on the next page…

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