AotA Day 8

As little red riding hood lead the way she began telling us her story and how she was saved by a woodsman with a truly big heart.  It was he alone that rescued her from the evil wolf.  She revealed it is this heartfilled woodsman that she is taking us too and hey here is now. Wait! Well would you look at that the woodsman in the noble Tin Woodman! Who knew?  Little Red said her good byes and we were on our way.  

The Tin Woodman aka “Tin Man” first made his appearance in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900.  The character is said to have been created after the  author, L. Frank Baum  was working as an editor for a shop display magazine and had built a little tin figure for a shop display he was working on as tin was very popular at the time. There are so many characters and so much history behind the characters in this series.  If you have not read them and only know it for the iconic movie you are missing out on so so much.  Pick up the book today and you will be reading the second in no time. Catch you on the next page my friends….

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