So Cuddly!!!

Remember to love and show love.  We are all different and no one is exactly like you so try to remember not to expect them to be any different.  If we could all step back and learn to stop looking at ourselves and instead start to see what we can do for others we would live in auchore beautiful.  In the end we are building a world for our children and we should stop being so selfish to think the world belongs to us because it doesn’t.  Our kids are more important than ourselves. Let’s all together make the world a better place and set aside our differences.  It takes so much more energy to be sexist, racist,  nationalist, bias against orientation, class, and status than if we all just let it go and accept people are not the same and it isn’t our own ideal world.  Let it all just go, take a deep breath, and do something nice for our children.  Meteors ‘n Milk has and always will stand for peace, love, and equality and will not condone intolerance or bigotry.  Let’s all turn the page in this issue and love one another.

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