Black Friday Time Killer

So while you are stuffed with food or avoiding family or waiting in lines I have a surprise for you all as my thanks to you.  If you tap on that nice link on the top of the page above for Book 1 you will find the PDF now contains from the beginning through chapter 2!!! It’s a 60 page PDF and you pay nothing at all.  It’s my way of saying thank you for being awesome fans and supporting the idea of love conquers all.  If you happened to want a hard copy they are available now in an all new edited black and white version and would make a nice gift for loved ones.  It’s super cheap this week with Blurb’s 50% off deal so act quickly if you want.  If not help spread the word on the all new pdf!  Nothing else is this free today except that one relatives opinion you don’t want to here. Catch you on the next page my friends and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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