Want to get your art published?


Attention Fans and Friends!!! I am nearing the completion of all the artwork for the first issue and will quickly be working on the final lettering and post production.  So what does that mean to you?  Two things…. First we are getting very close to seeing the first book released.  Second is a chance for you to be a bigger part of it.  I have been holding it a surprise that I have a couple special guest artists doing images for the book and I thought why not see what others could do as well.  So here is the deal: by New Years Day submit to me a finished drawing of either the Alien or Cow character you see in my work.  I will review the entries and the selected winners will be published in a section of the book you can brag about forever.  It’s simple and easy.  Email submissions to strandedstudios@gmail.com and be sure to tell any artist friends you know about this chance.  More news coming soon 😉

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