Hello Friends and Fans!  Its been a bit since my last post but I assure you that it is more than a good sign.  By now most everyone should have received their packs from my giveaway.  Those that received it got a card that announced Meteors ‘n Milk as Spring of 2016.  That is very real and the wait is almost over.  As we reach closer I will release the actually date of the Launch of my comic book.  I will also be announcing a few more cool aspects of it and details of the launch.  So how close am I to finishing this book?  Closer than you think.  I am down to a few pages left of art and then the editing arrangements and text formatting. Hence my silence lately as I don’t have a lot to show that wouldn’t give away too much.  In the spring you will be able to hold in your hands a very real comic book from your friend Marc Watson.  Aspects of this book have originated as early as 2007. I truly appreciate you all as honest Friends and Fans.  You guys are what is making this all possible and increasing the popularity through your likes, shares, comments and general conversations.  The Meteors ‘n Milk reach grows everyday thanks to you.  Where we go from here is exciting and I cant wait to share it with you.  Next Time: Artists’ Corner


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