Inktober Day 14 and more…

So tonight I wanted to not only show you the ink I am working on but also give you a little insight into the not so pretty side or my inktober and fight to create. Warning some images may be a bit graphic and I apologize in advanced.

       The discussion began with a friend whom made a comment to me stating they wish they had time to create their work like I do.  For stsrters i am not mad andndo not intend any of this to sound angry or upset.  I honestly wanted to make this as a sort of public service announcement. I speak for a lot of artists when I say that common perception of vast amount of time is typically very wrong and quite opposite.  Not only do I really not have much time for it but I found that if I sacrifice sleep I can get more done.  Many nights I sleep 4 hours or so before heading to work.  I learned to work fast and multi task as much as possible. I get houshold chores done and have to run my errands and shop like any one else around my work schedule. Forget much of a social life and research is a balance of time as well.  Then anything that can go wrong will try and prevent you from ever even picking up som err thing to work on. The dedicated artist cant let things stop him either. 


Two weeks ago this was my hand with tiny shards of glass in my drawing hand.  It has been a struggle but I am almost back to myself however I ironically fractured my assist in hand in the process as seen here.


So my point isn’t for sympathy.   My point is that it takes dedication and strong will to continue to not let things stop you.  I applaud Jake Parker and all those who dedicate themselves to Inktober. It may seem like we have tons of free time but most of us really dont but we make it a mission.   It’s amazing what collectively has come from the moment.  So that being said I will not hold you any longer and will show you my current progress.


Thank you again as always my friends.  Tomorrow will be more cheerful I promise. 🙂 Till then enjoy life and keep being who you are.

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