6×6 Trial Run

But Marc… why the new size?  Most of the full scene images I have been posting have been a healthy 9×12. The work tends to take a lot of time as well as goes through supplies quickly and frankly some images are great and some just don’t make the cut.  Lately finding time to complete a piece is difficult and causes hesitation if the piece is too complex for what I would like to dive into that day.  The 6×6 idea hit me as a sort of quick shot that I can produce more regularly and will assist me in exploring where I would like to expand upon.  I am going to stick with the size for a bit and feel free to give any feedback as I always appreciate hearing what you have to say.  It’s as much part of your experience as it is mine. 


So here is the first go at it and there are some key elements starting to be revealed for those of you paying attention.  Like a puzzle you will start to see the story unfold.  Do not try to read things sequentially.  Every image is a moment in time that is building towards the epic.  Thx

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