Settling back in

Friends and fans you can expect me return shortly.  Between the accident, family emergency and work I have found it near impossible to return to the ink lately but it’s time to kick it up and push the envelope.  This will involve exploring new directions as well a focus on self reflection as opposed to just another mainstream gimic.  I expect you will start to see the range of my insight from the childish to the disturbing.  It will be a journey.


I appreciate those of you whom have stayed fans through the static times and sometimes failed attempts of projects.  We will get there eventually.  Exploration to refinement is a process I dare not hide from you as you are as much a part of the progression and success of Meteors N Milk as I am.


Thank you as always. P.S. These are some 2013 works that led to the 2014 push. Enjoy and bombs away!


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