Perspective Teaser

So first things first I wanted to thank everyone for following my first webinar.  It was an awesome experience that seemed to help a lot of people and it helped me grow as well.  That being said I decided to make it into one simple straight through page that you can now click on at the top of this website.  Hopefully this makes it more useful then tracking down 6 parts.  So click on that Pixlr Webinar tab any time you need a refresher r if you simply want to to share it with friends who could use it.

So as for today I am working away on the perspective project but I can’t show to much yet so here is a teaser for that…

I can tell you it is super exciting how it is coming along and I hope for it to be a big hit as well.  I don’t want to give a specific day yet for the release but tentively april is my goal for public release.  Well I better get to creating it or that won’t be true so till next time fans.  I will see you on the next page…

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