How to Art part 2 – Behind the Scenes of AotA

Welcome Back! 

Last time we left off with your image cropped and basic curve adjustments bringing your image off the paper and into a bold lined digital image.  The last image is the one we see below.

So once you have clicked that checkbook and are back to that main screen it is time to navigate the rest of the program. On the main screen you will see other tabs next to the double circle. 

The double page icon (overlay) is what we want to click on next as seen above.  It will automatically default to the default picture page and the submenu “effect”.  Take a moment to scroll through this to get an idea of what section is. While the filters are programed to do the same to an image no matter what it is the effect may give you something you had not considered or give you an idea of direction.

The first place I go is Unicolor which is just a few swipes right of default. This will be where I look for giving color to the image.  If you wanted a redial cat notice how Cloe looks good with mining a dark line but red body.  Same goes for Ethan if you wanted a gold colored cat. I like the tone of Daniel but I don’t like the lines are too blue.  You may or may not find what you would prefer here but wait there are more options.

Switching to overlay you will see this screen here. There are so many features here we could spend weeks talking about them but for now we are going to make it simple and start swiping right.

When you land on candyminimal.  Wow look at all those colors! Now try clicking on one to see what it does. 

I selected lollipop here for that purple Cheshire look with some color variation but it isnt quite what I want.  Now the icons below the image are super important as they are flip horizontal, flip vertical, and 90° rotation.  This will put the colors where you like it best.

Here we see the horizontal flip giving the cat a different look. Once you like the coloring click on the eraser icon at the top left.

You will see this screen here.  The size of the brush can be adjusted as well as the feather.  So the first think I do is set to the largest brush and I erase the whole screen with a few finger strokes. 

At this point it looks like you are back to the gray image from before but I assure you that you are not.  Here adjust your brush smaller to where it fits easily inside the limbs of the cat. 

The size will be quite small and I keep feathering to a minimal as well because we are looking for a flat color basis for now. Now click on the paint brush.  You will begin literally painting back on the filter you erased.  It is like working with a scratch board. You can zoom in at this point by using the standard 2 finger punch and pull like in photos.

You will see something like this start to appear. When you are done but like me you will inevitably end up with coloring outside the lines like this. You can easily switch back to erase and adjust. 

Clean up can take some time so don’t get discouraged but don’t stress too much either.  So after all the detail work zoom out and see where you are. 

You should end up with an image like this.  Click the arrow above on the top left and you will notice it will return to a menu of selecting the candy filters as a side scroll and there is the check box at the bottom right. DON’T PUSH IT YET! You will want to click this only when you are ready to finalize all that you just did but you know I am not really like this color pattern after all but I don’t want to do all that brush work again.  If you click on the other filters it is like magic seeing the changes. 

Here is the orange candy filter.  It’s so cute and pretty and looking more real but is not really that Cheshire feel.  So keep testing. 

I find rockcandy and fall in love however here I rotated it 270° degrees to place the lighter gradation to the bottom.  Once you are set on this being what you really want hit the checkmark and it finalizes all that work and flattens your image.  So don’t do this until you are positive you are ready to move on.

That’s it for today but we are far from over! Make sure you save after every step.  You can always use undo and redo but if your phone dies or app crashes all will be lost.  Next time we will be looking applying a background for your image.  So for homework find a stockphoto that is good resolution that you would like to see in the background. 

Since tomorrow is New Year’s Day there will be a special holiday post so this tutorial will return on the 2nd so fear not when you don’t see it continue tomorrow.  

Have a Happy New Years Everyone and we will see you on the next page in a new year!

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