AotA Day 11

The mysterious Bo Peep smiled the whole way but said very little.  She did said that the heart of gold feline would get us entry to the citadel.  We approached a figure with a sword drawn, looking like they were about to pounce on any foe.  Drawing closer I heard the soft purr and the guard was dropped.  This Puss in Boots introduced itself and gentle waving left the mysterious Bo Peep behind.

Puss  in Boots, also originally known as Master Cat in Italian or The Booted Cat in French, has its earliest recorded history as being written by Giovanni Francesco Straparoia.   It was a part of a work entitled The Facetious Nights of Straparoia dating between 1550 and 1553.  It would later become one the collected stories of what we now call Mother Goose Tales. With being as old as that cat is no wonder it would have some connection to the mysterious Bo Peep.  As the mystery continues we will see you on the next page…

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