Spring Creature 3

With all the negativity in the world today and especially in the last 24 hours it is important that we remember to focus on the loved ones around us and those that matter most to us.  It is important that we remember to smile for the children no matter how bad it can be from our perspective.  So today remember to smile for them.  Turn the images of mushroom clouds in your mind to images of mushroom families that love one another.  Spread the love. 
I also am excited to announce that Advent of the Archetype has been sent to the printers as well as the black and white remastered 60 page reprint of Meteors ‘n Milk!  They wait is almost over!  I am also closing in on the completion of the 1point perspective book so look for that announcement too.  What are you most excited for?  Keep coming back for more images, comics, feel goods, inspiration, and more and we will see you on the next page…

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