Conclusion (AotA 24)

The darkness of the Sandman’s power had taken over the drift into a uncontrollable sleep.  The sense of pulling in a deposit dark fluid pit seemed to last for ever.  Something seemed to be there though and yet faint and almost not tangible.  A vibration? A hum? ….. a nudge?…… wait everything is moving…. something is causing movement.  Something is making the hum.  It’s not a him it’s talking. The muffled voice began to become clearer.  The nudge is starting to grab attention.  “Wake up!” The world becomes to make sense again as a blurred world comes into focus.  Was it all a dream?  Was none of the adventure real at all?  Looking up in a daze a familiar face comes into view.  It is good old Jack, a true best friend.  “Come on, wake up sleepy head.  You gotta see this!”  Sitting up Jack is sitting there in the awkwardly cute way Jack always does.  There is something Jack is eager to show.  “What is it?”  Jack smiled and held an out reached hand opening to reveal a handful of glowing almost alien green beans.  “Old man Arthur across town gave me these and said find a good place to plant these and prepare for adventure…. He also rambled on about how I better not break his giant record, whatever that means…. COME ON!!!!” Hand in hand nothing is clear,  what did Arthur mean, what was real, and what adventure? …………..

Thank you for following along with Advent of the Archetypes!  I hope you enjoyed the ride.  Those of you are scratching your head from the ending fear not for your answers will be revealed in AotA2: A World Apart.  To those of you celebrating today Happy Holidays and  Merry Christmas.  We will see you tomorrow with a super special bonus post.  See you on the next page!!

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