the Velveteen Rabbit (AotA 22)

Goldilocks took us in and instant it felt like home.  Relaxed and enjoying the moment of rest and lack of chaos for once things were quiet.  Left with the mind to wonder little details of the cottage began to emerge.  The smells, the grain of the wood and the dust particles that danced through beams of light from the windows gave an enchanting feel.  It was then in the corner of the room that light fell upon on a little figure.  It was a stuffed velveteen rabbit that some how seemed familiar.  Trying hard to remember revealed memory was a rather difficult thing at the moment.  Why were we in such a surah and to get where exactly.  We weren’t late were we?  Late?  The rabbit was late… the white rabbit.  The white rabbit started this journey but how do we get back… is there a way back.  The room was growing darker and things were shifting but one thing kept focus.  The velveteen rabbit…. just focus on the rabbit.

The Velveteen Rabbit written by Margery  Williams was first published in 1922.  This lovable stuffed friend has been wishing to be real for so long it may have not realized all that it has experienced already.  Something tells me the fluffy friend may be more real than most people are today.  In the end we can all relate to become something we hope we will eventually be.  What would you become.  The future holds the keys and as always can potentially be on the next page so till then I will see you on the next one…

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