Goldilocks (AotA 21)

Hansel and Gretel took us through a greater part of the woods until another cottage came into view.  There stood before us a lady with the brightest locks of golden hair you would ever see.  Gretel stated that this girl was the key to getting us home as she has a sort of magic to her.  It was then that it became clear there were no other paths away from the cottage.  Somehow my journey was not to be continued by foot not make any sense to fly.  So what is it? 

Goldilocks originating from Goldilocks and the three  bears or even more accurately The Three Bears was first published and brought to noteriety in 1837 by Robert Southey.  The original story was vastly different being that of a ugly old woman stumbling upon the home of 3 bachelor bears.  Maybe there was magic in that porridge that made her into that cute girl and a family of bears.  Truth be told it was actually Joseph Cundell 12 years after the initial publication that would, with permission, retell the story replacing the old lady with the innocent little girl.  Thus Goldilocks was born albeit she had to go through several nane changes from Silver Hair to her now resting name.  Speaking of rest I guess we are taking one as we await the finally days of Advent of the Architypes  so till tomorrow we will see you on the next page…

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