AotA Day 7 

Mowgli led the way for miles and as night fall we set up camp.  Under a sea of stars everyone was fast asleep from the journey.  Suddenly a noise is heard softly and almost undetectable but certainly there. Without notice a whisper is heard “hey…. come over here but do so quietly…. you are in danger” Hesitant but curious the request is met and into the shadows we go.  It is here that we stand before a young lady in a scarlet hood.  “You must not trust the child of the wolves.  I will guide you to where you seek and grant safe passage. There is a woodsman whom is a friend of mine that will protect you.” It was then it became clear who this scarlet hooded girl was.  It is the one and only Little Red Riding Hood! 

Little Red Riding Hood has origins that can be traced back to the 10th century by several European folk tales, including one from Italy called The False Grandmother. That is seriously a very long time for a fable to remain relevant and intact without being a religious affiliation.  There are so many interesting versions as well from stuffing the wolf with stones so he dies to the very tame locking grandma in the closet versions of today.  Look them up today and explore the variations from different eras and countries alike.  Adventure onward my friends and see you on the next page…

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