AotA Dat 6

Jim Hawkins has guided us into the jungle but states we will need another guide to take us safely through.  Jim gives a certain sort of howl call and in moments a body drops from the trees and lands in front of me. Wolves quickly catch up to the body which is know raising it’s head to look straight at me.  With a sly grin he speaks. “Hi I Mowgli, I guide you.”  The adventure continues…

Mowgli first appeared in literature in a short story titled In the Rukh in 1893.  The following year 1894 it would be collected with other parables into what we now know as the Jungle Book.  Did you know the book is actually a series of short fables meant to teach moral lessons and is not intended to be read as one continuous story? United States is also the only country that pronounce the name as Moe-glee. The author stated the name was to pronounced such that the Mow would rhyme with cow.  Every where else this is how his name is pronounced with respect to the author. See you on the next page adventurers ….

WAIT!!!!   For those of you with older European traditional backgrounds have a happy St. Nicholas Day.  He was the real person on which the ideal of Santa Claus was derived and tradition was formed. Did you know the reason why it is celebrated on December 6th is because that is when he passed away and hence was deemed a Saint? It has been a ritual to carry on his Legacy once a year since his passing in the year 343! 

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