Digital Mode


I have moved into digital editing and lettering mode.   I am really excited about this issue and I think it is much more solid than the last.   With roswell coming up in less than a week and Hub City coming in fast it is busy busy busy.  I am running all cylinders and getting some special things and exclusives prepared.   I will be announcing other items you can order to help me fund issue 2.  Dont forget to get the better deal while you can by ordering through my gofundme by clicking HERE! I will be adding items soon that you can order as low as $2!!! You guys are  awesome fans and this series had seen some amazing growth because of you.  So who is excited about issue 2? Order today and you won’t regret it.   Just like last time, you know i tend to throw in freebies.   Dont forget you can also find Meteors n Milk on Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter and Tumblr.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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