Hiatus is not a Trend?

(TLDR:  What happened since last November?  Doesn’t matter becomes MnM is coming back.) 

Hello friends and fans!  It has been far too long and I can say a lot has changed many times over in ways I never expected.  Hiatus seems to be a trend these days though so I hope it wasn’t too painful.  I say that sarcastically as I had a number of lined up announcements that I was excited to present and then like Jenga things kinda came crashing down and a lot changed course so what were they?  Well it’s high time I shared it all right?

For starters is the all time consuming teaching.  I have been an adjunct professor for a local community college for about a year now as well as taking on independent students as well.  Some I instructed on line while some in the studio.   Ahhhh yes the studio.  Last fall I helped launch a brand new drawing atelier  in town named Drawing Horse Studios.  I helped get it up and running, worked in the studio space, manned operating hours, and became the gallery director.  It is an incredible environment to stimulate a passion for life drawing.  Seriously you should check them out.  To check them out click here Drawing Horse Studios    I am at this time actually leaving the studio for health and financial reasons.  Yes, for you long time fans that might have made your eyes get big and worry.  Well here it is…

The big C was trying to come back again.  I went to get checked out under suspicions and luckily I did.  I was found to have Atypical Melanocytic Hyperplasia with extension to margin and Precancerous Development.  In result I surgery to remove a chunk of my back, abdomen, and face.   Needless to say this kinda set me back in development while racking up some hefty medical bills in the process.  I just can’t dedicate the time and energy into the studio so respectfully I am stepping away. So what have i been working on lately?

SOoooo let’s swing back till the last real post which was seriously apologetically November 3rd.  We had Legacy and Beta coming soon.  But something incredible happened and I was keeping my lips sealed.  I was brought in to work on a project that I was honored and yet emotionally driven to do.  So what is it?  Fcking Forty

Here is the synopsis: “Ed Siemienkowicz proclaimed his 40th year as the worst of his life. Break-ups, career challenges, and existential crises cast a dark shadow over a year that culminated in a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Ed believed his struggles would resonate with others so he scripted and started illustrating a graphic memoir about that fucking year. At age 43, he tragically passed away, leaving his work unfinished. Now, 100+ artists (I being one of them) have gathered together to bring Ed’s story to life.”  Of course I had to be part of this being a survivor driven to create when he was not so fortunate.  I had to help.  So I created 4 pages for the book.  It is incredible the artists that came together and let me say that some of the fellow artists are ones to admire.  There are quite a few that have worked for Dark Horse, DC Comics, IDW, Marvel, Disney, Blue Sky Animation etc..   Originally the kickstarter was going to drop this spring and I was excited to share but there have been some set backs that will push it back till the fall.  You can follow Fcking Forty on facebook by clicking here:  Fcking Forty

I am sure you would also like to see so here are the pages I did minus the word bubbles of course.  The two different character styles are intentional as Ed’s character stays the same as he travels through artist to artist in his story.

So that was a challenge.  On my little tiny tablet I was creating these pages while building and launching a studio, and I forgot to mention that I was helping move my local favorite comic shop to a new location.  Oh and did I forget to mention the convention I attended in May where I released a new compilation book of my 2017 work? Needless to say it was non stop till March and I was exhausted.   I decided regardless to tackle March of Robots and build another book after that which inevitably needed to be scrapped due to cost.  Throw in another Pokemon art drop and several other numerous events and life happenings and it has been one crazy spring.  So where are we now?  Hopefully right where you are hoping this long post was taking you.

Meteors ‘n Milk is in production again….



Here is a glimpse of page 1 in production.  I have an all new at home setup I can say without a doubt is making the process so much easier and better for you in then end.  I will post pics soon of the new set up and more teasers to come and what’s even crazier is that is not all that I am working on.   There is a few team ups in the works that will be worth the wait.  Till then I will be sharing more that I neglected such as my podcast guest spot appearance and more.  So until next time

 We will see you on the next page!


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