Meteors ‘n Milk has and always will be a supporter of love over hate.  Today I stand with the Marvel employee’s and thousands of other comic artists, writers, editors, and all of their amazing supporting staffs and fans. It may seem like something to just blow off for so many but honestly we can’t keep growing as a society that thinks it’s okay to bully others especially when they have done nothing to you and you don’t even know them.  I will never be quiet about this sort of violent outlashing based on stupid bigot ideals of sexism, racism, or any other form of discrimination.  Bullying is never okay so stand up to bullying!  So no to hate! Today’s image while it may be appreciated by many I honestly did it for those specifically victimized here to show them that the few ugly haters are the few and there are countless others there to say don’t stop being you!  #MakeMineMilkshake @HeatherAntos 

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