The Announcement?!?!!


So as promised I have a big announcement to make today regarding issue#1 but first I want to take a minute to talk about the book and what “raw edition” meant in the first place.  Without explaining this part the announcement won’t make sense.  So now that a number of copies have sold and I have received some feadback this is the part where I fix the raw part and make it a solid mass release #1.  When I created the raw edition I took some risks with story pacing and scene hopping while leaving other parts intentionally leaving you with questions.  The gamble in this is not crossing the line that leaves you with more questions and a feeling of what’s going on instead of the enjoyment of the read.  There are some parts of the book that I will now be editing and expanding upon before calling issue #1 done and reprint the final edition.  So where does that bring us today? While I am still in the process of mailing out ordered hard copies I am looking for feedback from everyone to help shape the universe I hope you will fall in love with.  That poses a problem for those of you do that don’t have a copy right? Well I guess I will have to fix that so here is the big announcement then…. I need your help and criticisms so for a limited time I am making issue #1 raw edition FREE for download!!!! To get your free copy simply Click Here!
Thank you for all your help and being amazing fans. You can email me your critiques to  


Click on this text for free download copy!!!

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