Lubbock-Con Recap Part 2

Ok so the recap for yesterday and the second half of Saturday is pretty big so feel free to share this with your friends and family whom attended or tag friends when you share it.  I had a blast and thank you again for all the friends and fans that came out.  It was incredible and wouldn’t have been nearly as great without you.  You guys truly warmed my heart so without further postponement, here we go…

Thanks again and just because the events over doesn’t mean the content ends.  Tomorrow I am revealing my wonder woman piece for a couple up coming shows and we can talk art again!  

Lubbock-Con Saturday Recap

Okay so Internet was a bit of an issue yesterday so I am having to do previous day post recaps instead so here is yesterday’s recap of the con. 

The day h a different come to a close but not after a great day full of great cosplay and wonderful fans.  So let’s take a look at some of that amazing cosplay.

This wasn’t even close to covering it and here is still a little of photos of go through that will be combined into the next recap post. So don’t miss and if you are local doors open at 11am so come out see us!  You don’t want to miss it!

Batman Day


Meteors ‘n Milk is invading this Batman Day at Star Comic in Lubbock Texas.  Make sure to stop by for one of a kind covers of Batman All Star #1 featuring Meteors n Milk and at a fraction of the cost it would be at a Con.  Act fast and get yourself to Star Comics tomorrow before you are too late.  Star is the place to be tomorrow. Beyond Meteors n Milk there is a lot of reasons to get down there. Don’t upset the bat and support local! We will see you tomorrow at Star Comics!