AotA2 Production Begins

Those of you who loved Advent of the Archetype will hopefully love what I am planning for the second book.  Obviously I would start running out of free rights classic tails so instead of going into the obscure and unrecognizable lore of the western world I have decided it is a much bigger world than that.  So the second book will transition from Western tales to something parallel and different.  I will take you to the long tradition of Japanese folklore and introduce you to the classic yokai.  For now I will be presenting images as they are created to supplement while I finish my graduate work as well as chapter 3 of Meteors n milk.  I won’t be posting the story bits and wiki postings for AotA like before until I have it hashed out entirely and give it to you one day at a time.  So for now since you are amazing fans I am giving you peeks as to what you will see illustration wise.  So I will leave you with this first promo teaser of a Kappa and I will see you on the next page…

AotA Has Arrived!!!

I am excited to say that the first batch of Advent of the Archetypes is here!! Keep posted as I will very soon be talking about digital copies that will be much more accessible than before.  I will have physical copies at Lubbock Con but if you can’t wait don’t hesitate to contact me at to purchase a physical copy.  I am also working on bringing you a store front shortly so be on the look out for that.  Have a great start to your weekend everyone and I will see you on the next page… 

You don’t have take my word for it…

Last night I was privileged to experience one of the most moving and inspiring lectures I have ever encountered.   LeVar Burton is an inspiration and amazing role model desperately needed in these times.  I, like most of the audience,  shed tears more than once.   His words resonated the importance for us all to tell our stories and how they can change the world.   For us creators this I believe is an obligation even more so than or brothers and sisters as we have an arsenal of visual language that we have no excuse but to be using.   Listen to the world around you and respond with your message,  your story,  and define your legacy.   You are never alone and never forget that.   So ask yourself what if and change the course of history.   I was fortunate to also meet him briefly after the lecture.  I expressed the influence of words like his in the past and now fuel the creation of the graphic tales I create today and how I hope they bring hope and inspiration to children.   He told me it was incredible, to never stop, and may God bless my journey.  I, like many of you,  will do my best to leave this world a better place for my children and my children’s children and not one catering to my selfish greed.  He may say we don’t have to take his word for it but yes we do and we must.  So tell your story and help define a better world and we will see you on the next page. …

The Sandman (AotA 23)

As the darkness swirled around and began to consume, the velveteen rabbit seemed to almost come to life.  The rabbit appeared as though down a long tunnel and was running.  Time seemed to be both standing still and racing in some weird paradox.  It was in these moments that a presence began to be felt.  Some one was there.  As the world fell away and a deep sleep fell upon its victim a flash of instant reviewed the culprit.  It was the work of the Sandman.  There was no fighting it.  Time to sleep….

The Sandman is believed to have originated from the Greek and more specifically the Pantheonic god Morpheous.  He would emerge from the underworld and control beings with his powers in sleep manipulation.  In the 1700s Christians would alter the story to be used as a method of reinforcing a since of good versus evil.  The story would demand that good children would obey the sandman while the bad children whom did not go to bed would be tortured for life with hellish nightmares as punishment.  The positive view of Sandman didn’t really start to make the rounds until Hans Christian Anderson included the short story on Fairy Tales Told for Children, published in 1842.  Sandman, in this tale, would be given the name Ole Lukøje, meaning Old Shut Eye.  Don’t fall asleep as tomorrow is the conclusion of this advent adventure so don’t miss how it ends on the next page…

Goldilocks (AotA 21)

Hansel and Gretel took us through a greater part of the woods until another cottage came into view.  There stood before us a lady with the brightest locks of golden hair you would ever see.  Gretel stated that this girl was the key to getting us home as she has a sort of magic to her.  It was then that it became clear there were no other paths away from the cottage.  Somehow my journey was not to be continued by foot not make any sense to fly.  So what is it? 

Goldilocks originating from Goldilocks and the three  bears or even more accurately The Three Bears was first published and brought to noteriety in 1837 by Robert Southey.  The original story was vastly different being that of a ugly old woman stumbling upon the home of 3 bachelor bears.  Maybe there was magic in that porridge that made her into that cute girl and a family of bears.  Truth be told it was actually Joseph Cundell 12 years after the initial publication that would, with permission, retell the story replacing the old lady with the innocent little girl.  Thus Goldilocks was born albeit she had to go through several nane changes from Silver Hair to her now resting name.  Speaking of rest I guess we are taking one as we await the finally days of Advent of the Architypes  so till tomorrow we will see you on the next page…

King Arthur ( AotA 18 )

Once the 3 Musketeers apprehended the monster known as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde we were brought forth to the king.  The king wanted to express gratitude for our assistance in tracking down the terror of the streets.  As the light poured down upon the king in his thrown and the adorning tapestry it was then it could be recognized who this king was.  It was the pure and noble King Arthur!  He offered to grant a request for deeds done and in heart the answer was starting to become clear.  The adventure is great but home is seemingly becoming further out of reach. Can he helps find our way home?

King Arthur (Pendragon) is one of the most debated characters in history as it is unclear whether or not he truly existed.  Historians of the subject point to evidence for both arguments although it seems more point to the idea that he existed but lore got seriously out of hand.  If he did exist he notably led the charge against the invading Saxons in late 5th and early 6th century protecting England.  The story was passed through generations and embellishment before starting to appear in recorded form in early 12th century.  It is understandable how a 500 year game of telephone can skew details and embellishments a bit. Regardless he has stood as a model of chivalry and humility for several hundred years.  Truly inspiring but can his character get us home?  We will see where the adventure takes us next as we see you on the next page….

3 Musketeers (AotA 17)

The monstrous duo of a man was an adversary we dare not take on alone.  For this it would be wise for us to call on help for.  Little did we know, the citadel’s protectors were already on our way.  Not a moment later in our standing of fear did a glint of 3 swords rest our hearts at ease.  It was the 3 musketeers here to aprehend the foe! 

The 3 Musketeers ( Les Trois Mousquetaires) was originally a serialization that was first pushed during the months of March through July of 1844 in Fance.  It is important to recognize the work was actually a strong political piece that was harshly criticizing the old regime of France in favor of new order.  During the time of this debate there was heavy fere foghting over the new direction and whether it should be a monarchy or a republic.  The violent argument grew to the revolution of 1848 resulting in the Second Republic. The author, Alexandre Dumas ,had strong personally feelings towards this outcome as his father was a well known general in the French Republican Army.  It makes a thrilling read for sure to see the passionate writing and the good fight against social injustices and atrocities. Keep fighting for good yourselves adventurers and we shall see you on the next page….

Good Vs. Evil (AotA 16)

Sherlock deduced there was more to the appearances and sudden disappearances of the monster that witnesses were missing.  Various accounts started to pick up on something piculuar and consistent. The more he chaises down the trail the more we could tell he knew exactly what or even who the monster was.  Down an ordinary cobblestone road we walked as people passed by. Without warning Sherlock forcefully grasp the upper arm of a gentleman in a top hat.  “Your terrorizing is over old chap.” Confused our party rushes to ask why and what was going on but before a word could be said the top hatred man begins to twist and shake bouncing between the seemingly innocent man and a monstrous creature with fire in its eye.  Sherlock turns towards our humble grouping and exclaims, “Let me formally introduce you to Dr. Jeckyll and…. errr. Not so formally to one Mr. Hyde.”

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was originally published as a novella in 1886 by the famous Robert Louis Stevenson. Interesting fact about this story is that the concept for the story being someone whom would change personalities based on the situation was an ideal Stevenson had been working on for a few years but it wasn’t till one fateful night while dreaming that the story came to life.  His wife was quoted as stating, “In the small hours of one morning,[…]I was awakened by cries of horror from Louis. Thinking he had a nightmare, I awakened him. He said angrily: “Why did you wake me? I was dreaming a fine bogey tale.” I had awakened him at the first transformation scene.” So in the end the horror was a true nightmare and the fabrication of a fantastic work of fiction was based in a subjective reality of experience even though it didn’t happen. At what point is the dream more of a effective reality than what we perceive as reality?  Till the ink reveals itself on the next page stay dreaming my friends…

AotA Day 10

Mr. Toad has taken us to the end of the road but the hills and valley before the citadel must be walked on by foot.  A love lady will show us the way.  With sheep all about it is the sweet hearted Bo Peep to be our guide. 

Little Bo Peep first came to recorded life as a nursery rhyme first published in 1805.  However, this is not her origins.  It is actually as mystery as references to a game called Bo Peep are cited as early as the 1300s but no record of the rhyme appears till the 1805 recording.  There are many references that point in all sorts of dire turn but nothing points to a true origin.  Who exactly is this mystery woman?  How can she appear and disappear for hundreds of years without any history, backgorund or origin before suddenly becoming a recognizable figure?  Did 500 years developed the character, or is just assigned randomly, or is there something more to it we have lost in time? Sounds curious enough one might suspect the white rabbit has something to do with it.  While we contemplate this time hopping maiden we shall continue our journey and see you on the next page…

AotA Day 9

The Tin Woodsman let us know about the citadel where we can meet all kinds of people and see many wonderous sites.  He arranged for us to to have guides get us there.  The first will drive us the roads end and I can hear the car now.  It is the infamously crazy driving Mr. Toad!!!!

Mr. Toad wrecked his stolen car for this first time in the 1908 classic Wind in the Willows.  This spurred the 1929 London play Toad of Toad Hall.  Disney would also embrace the beloved tale with the notable Mr Toad’s Wild Ride attraction and animated movie as well in 1949.  The anthropomorphic cast has inspired many characters and ideas and has spurred numerous references and cameos.  Most notably the Batman and Robin villian “Toad” makes overt referencial ties to being an alternate reality of the very same character.  That’s a 100 years of getting into trouble!  Well stay out of it yourselves and see you on the next page.

AotA Day 7 

Mowgli led the way for miles and as night fall we set up camp.  Under a sea of stars everyone was fast asleep from the journey.  Suddenly a noise is heard softly and almost undetectable but certainly there. Without notice a whisper is heard “hey…. come over here but do so quietly…. you are in danger” Hesitant but curious the request is met and into the shadows we go.  It is here that we stand before a young lady in a scarlet hood.  “You must not trust the child of the wolves.  I will guide you to where you seek and grant safe passage. There is a woodsman whom is a friend of mine that will protect you.” It was then it became clear who this scarlet hooded girl was.  It is the one and only Little Red Riding Hood! 

Little Red Riding Hood has origins that can be traced back to the 10th century by several European folk tales, including one from Italy called The False Grandmother. That is seriously a very long time for a fable to remain relevant and intact without being a religious affiliation.  There are so many interesting versions as well from stuffing the wolf with stones so he dies to the very tame locking grandma in the closet versions of today.  Look them up today and explore the variations from different eras and countries alike.  Adventure onward my friends and see you on the next page…

AotA Dat 6

Jim Hawkins has guided us into the jungle but states we will need another guide to take us safely through.  Jim gives a certain sort of howl call and in moments a body drops from the trees and lands in front of me. Wolves quickly catch up to the body which is know raising it’s head to look straight at me.  With a sly grin he speaks. “Hi I Mowgli, I guide you.”  The adventure continues…

Mowgli first appeared in literature in a short story titled In the Rukh in 1893.  The following year 1894 it would be collected with other parables into what we now know as the Jungle Book.  Did you know the book is actually a series of short fables meant to teach moral lessons and is not intended to be read as one continuous story? United States is also the only country that pronounce the name as Moe-glee. The author stated the name was to pronounced such that the Mow would rhyme with cow.  Every where else this is how his name is pronounced with respect to the author. See you on the next page adventurers ….

WAIT!!!!   For those of you with older European traditional backgrounds have a happy St. Nicholas Day.  He was the real person on which the ideal of Santa Claus was derived and tradition was formed. Did you know the reason why it is celebrated on December 6th is because that is when he passed away and hence was deemed a Saint? It has been a ritual to carry on his Legacy once a year since his passing in the year 343! 

Remastered Collection

I am remastering images for my book and while not all of these may be in the book I couldn’t help myself.  I hope you enjoy the recap.