Wonder Woman Day!  

Today is Wonder Woman Day and as promised I am going to show a little from the two shows I am in and the great people that attended, artists and fans alike.
First up is Barnes and Noble at South Plains Mall.  Those of you that have been following me for years may recall I used to be a featured artist for Starbucks so it is interesting that almost 5 years later I would be showing with one of their partners.

The response is already really great.  So now for the show at Star Books and Comics Downtown!

It was an amazing show.  A good portion of the images were taken by the talented Rony Dixon and the show was created, organized, and run by Raicodoll.  Check them out here Rony and Raicodoll.  You can also check out there amazing coverage of the show and all the artwork from it by visiting the shows album HERE!!!!

Thank you again everyone for being amazing fans and friends.  I will see you on the next page….

Wonder Woman Art

Tomorrow local area friends and fans can see me at Star Comics Downtown for an Art of Wonder Woman exhibition.  Naturally many of you aren’t local so today I am sharing with you my piece for the show.  Saturday I will share images from the show.  So here is the piece and I will see you on the next page…

Spring Creature 8

Sometimes the spirits of the forest are what we need to remind us of all the beauty and curiosity that nature brings us.  These beings from the outstanding Mononoke Hime  (Princess Mononoke) are guides that I would follow any day.  The soft, inocent, childlike personification of nature couldn’t do more to bring a heart warming smile.  I am a huge cliche Studio Ghibli fanatic so these guys were a necessary for me to draw at some point.  See you on the net page my friends…

Spring Creature 3

With all the negativity in the world today and especially in the last 24 hours it is important that we remember to focus on the loved ones around us and those that matter most to us.  It is important that we remember to smile for the children no matter how bad it can be from our perspective.  So today remember to smile for them.  Turn the images of mushroom clouds in your mind to images of mushroom families that love one another.  Spread the love. 
I also am excited to announce that Advent of the Archetype has been sent to the printers as well as the black and white remastered 60 page reprint of Meteors ‘n Milk!  They wait is almost over!  I am also closing in on the completion of the 1point perspective book so look for that announcement too.  What are you most excited for?  Keep coming back for more images, comics, feel goods, inspiration, and more and we will see you on the next page…

Spring Creature 2

While spending some time in the garden I was visited by a rather curious house finch.  I watched him get within a few feet of me to eat from our feeder and at times he would turn his head down as if to say hello and chat a bit.  This is a quick attempt to capture a moment of uncertain timidity as he move spot to spot closer.  What will spring bring tomorrow as we will see you again on the next page…

Happy April Fish Day!

Happy April Fish Day my friends and fans!!! For many of you today is know as April Fools or All Fools Day but that is not the name everywhere OR what it used to be. “In Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada, April 1 tradition is often known as “April fish” (poissons d’avril in French, aprilvisin Dutch or pesce d’aprile in Italian). This includes attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim’s back without being noticed. Such fish feature prominently on many late 19th- to early 20th-century French April Fools’ Day postcards. Many newspapers also spread a false story on April Fools’ Day, and a subtle reference to a fish is sometimes given as a clue.” (Wikipedia) Look it up for more on how the holiday has evolved to what it is today.   To me it all sounds a bit fishy….. see you on the next page and without further delay here is today’s image…. ‘CARP’e  Diem

March of the Robots D31

Today we say fairwell to March of the Robots with my final post for March.  This little bot dares to dream the possibilities of the future ahead and so should you.  No matter where you are right now never stop asking “what if?”.  Your future is yet to be written so make it a good one…  sound familiar?  Thank you for following along this month.  Next month has some big things in store  so come see me again on the next page…

March of the Robots D30

I totally forgot to bring my markers with me and my usual drawing tools but luckily I still had a white pen, an pencil, a pen and a couple highlighters.  In the in I did some digital to help finish the piece so while it may not be the same ending product look at the others it was fun to make it work in a different way.  So as this media bot rolls on I will see you one the next page. 

March of the Robots D29

Super late but here we are.  My local habitat hasn’t seen rain in a while and people are drowning in their lack of knowledge of what to do when there is water around.  This had me thinking about the cities of daily rains and water front life styles.  So today we dive right into the depths with this “had enough of your hate” Octobot.  It’s just trying to live it’s life beyond its past but people keep trying to get up in its business.  Well not today.  Peace out and see you on the next page my friends…