Wonder Woman Art

Tomorrow local area friends and fans can see me at Star Comics Downtown for an Art of Wonder Woman exhibition.  Naturally many of you aren’t local so today I am sharing with you my piece for the show.  Saturday I will share images from the show.  So here is the piece and I will see you on the next page…

Hiatus is Over and Pokémon!

First and foremost I am going to address this hiatus you just experienced.  Between classes, teaching, finals from both sides, con in a week, a partnership I will announce later, having a bed ridden case of Strep, and a poke drop event I have been far from the posts and image creation lately but not anymore.  We are returning to regular posting so count on it.  At this point a number of you local fans are caught up on the… wait…. poké drop? 

Tomorrow brings the event back to lubbock so head over to event post on Facebook!  Here’s the link:

Make sure you follow the rules and be share to share with your friends.  The one rule that I strongly ask above all others that you don’t catch them all.  Remember that little kids are hunting for these so don’t be the selfish one that snags them all preventing others from enjoying the event.  If there is an image you really want from me you can always email me at meteorsnmilk@gmail.com I also have one other request if you find me piece.  Please take a picture that you found it *preferably with you holding it and email me the pic or post it/ send it on facebook.  Other than that happy hunting poké fans!

Hansel and Gretel (AotA 20) 

Peter Pan carried us through the clouds as we danced with the stars.  Over tree tops it becomes clear how vast and varying the landscape is. We finally made our decent through an open clearing in the dense forest.  A small cottage could be seen with two figures coming into view. We touched down with the figures greeting us right away.  It was Hansel and Gretel.  They explained that we must travel through denser parts of the forest that can’t be flown into so once again we were traveling through the forest.  

Hansel and Gretel out smarted their first cannibalistic witch in 1812 as recorded by the Brothers Grimm. This German folk tale original had the children’s biological mother be the wife of the woodcutter.  The story is much more involved than the short version we know today.  The origins seems to point to the Great Famine dating 1315-1321.  This is crucial to understanding the story as this was a period of extreme desperation that led to many families abandoning their children.  If you want to truly fill your afternoon with an evolving tale that brings so much history and depth to character representation and development dive in and begin to pick apart all the amazing layers this story has to offer.  Peeling back the layers of a new page we shall see you on the next one.  

AotA Day 11

The mysterious Bo Peep smiled the whole way but said very little.  She did said that the heart of gold feline would get us entry to the citadel.  We approached a figure with a sword drawn, looking like they were about to pounce on any foe.  Drawing closer I heard the soft purr and the guard was dropped.  This Puss in Boots introduced itself and gentle waving left the mysterious Bo Peep behind.

Puss  in Boots, also originally known as Master Cat in Italian or The Booted Cat in French, has its earliest recorded history as being written by Giovanni Francesco Straparoia.   It was a part of a work entitled The Facetious Nights of Straparoia dating between 1550 and 1553.  It would later become one the collected stories of what we now call Mother Goose Tales. With being as old as that cat is no wonder it would have some connection to the mysterious Bo Peep.  As the mystery continues we will see you on the next page…

AotA Day 8

As little red riding hood lead the way she began telling us her story and how she was saved by a woodsman with a truly big heart.  It was he alone that rescued her from the evil wolf.  She revealed it is this heartfilled woodsman that she is taking us too and hey here is now. Wait! Well would you look at that the woodsman in the noble Tin Woodman! Who knew?  Little Red said her good byes and we were on our way.  

The Tin Woodman aka “Tin Man” first made his appearance in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900.  The character is said to have been created after the  author, L. Frank Baum  was working as an editor for a shop display magazine and had built a little tin figure for a shop display he was working on as tin was very popular at the time. There are so many characters and so much history behind the characters in this series.  If you have not read them and only know it for the iconic movie you are missing out on so so much.  Pick up the book today and you will be reading the second in no time. Catch you on the next page my friends….

AotA Day 7 

Mowgli led the way for miles and as night fall we set up camp.  Under a sea of stars everyone was fast asleep from the journey.  Suddenly a noise is heard softly and almost undetectable but certainly there. Without notice a whisper is heard “hey…. come over here but do so quietly…. you are in danger” Hesitant but curious the request is met and into the shadows we go.  It is here that we stand before a young lady in a scarlet hood.  “You must not trust the child of the wolves.  I will guide you to where you seek and grant safe passage. There is a woodsman whom is a friend of mine that will protect you.” It was then it became clear who this scarlet hooded girl was.  It is the one and only Little Red Riding Hood! 

Little Red Riding Hood has origins that can be traced back to the 10th century by several European folk tales, including one from Italy called The False Grandmother. That is seriously a very long time for a fable to remain relevant and intact without being a religious affiliation.  There are so many interesting versions as well from stuffing the wolf with stones so he dies to the very tame locking grandma in the closet versions of today.  Look them up today and explore the variations from different eras and countries alike.  Adventure onward my friends and see you on the next page…